Platysma Cords and Botox Injections

Platysma Cords Can Be Injected with Botox

The platysma is the neck muscle that causes a grimace when it is contracted. As we age, cords or bands make their appearance. These muscular cords can appear in the lateral (outer) part of the neck, though they are more frequently a sign of aging when they appear below the chin area. One or two platysma cords may be present and asymmetry is common.









Botox is the Simplest, Most Effective Method to Correct Platysma Cords

Though there are a number of surgical procedures to correct platysma cords, the simplest effective method is to inject Botox into the cord itself. Botox will weaken any overactive muscular area, and the platysma bands are no exception. As with other areas of Botox use such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and now the new use to elevate the corners of the mouth and correct marionette folds, injections of Botox need to be repeated about every 3 months, until the involved muscles are sufficiently weak that the patient can be placed on a maintenance program of Botox with fewer injections. This simple approach to correct platysma bands is often all the patient needs and helps avoid an operation in this area.

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